Even During Revolutionary Experiences, One Can Find Time For a (Spring) Break…

*This is my photo essay chronicling my Spring Break trip from April 9 -14, 2016 to two Cuban provinces, Trinidad and Cienfuegos, located in the center of the island.*

All photos were shot by me unless otherwise noted. Request for permissions to use these pictures must be directed to me.

After traveling for many hours, you end up in a place so colorful, it reminds you of the rainbows you envisioned in dreams and attempted to imitate on paper when you were much younger…


Just outside of this new found reality stands the reality of a people with whom you share the streets above. Their flag waves freely as one of their national heroes stands by.
Standing proud…



Standing tall…



Standing resolute.



“It was in those moments in Guatemala, Arbenz´s Guatemala…. Therefore, I remembered a fundamental thing that to be a revolutionary doctor, or to be revolutionary, the first was that there must be a revolution.”



So as many looked on to take in the words of the greatest revolutionaries that ever called Cuba their home…


We took the scenic route despite the lack of comfort…


Awaiting a ride that would take us to places many have seen but very few have truly experienced.


It´s one thing to view from the outside…


It´s another to take a look inside…



And see what you find.



Revolutionaries must also take their time to relax…


Or even find a place beneath the shade…


But what the revolutionary truly learns by experiencing the places around them and the people with whom they´ve passed their time…


Is that you remembered you experienced your time through your eyes!



And that all good things must come to an end…. Of sorts.



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