Tran in India, Brazil, and South Africa

My name is Tran and I am an international student from Vietnam. I am spending my junior spring semester on IHP studies abroad program "Cities in 21 Centuries: People, Planning and Politics" in India (Ahmedabad), Brazil (São Paulo) and South Africa (Cape Town).

As a Sociology major, I am eager to experience and reflect on how theoretical frameworks of social justice in Sociology play out in urban planning throughout this program. Three countries in one semester might sound a lot, yet my traveling spirit tells me that it is not about duration, but investment of time that shapes my immersion in each country. I am excited to unpack and share my experiences of "being abroad while abroad" with everyone!

Tran’s Posts

  • Moments of Ahmedabad, India

    Moments of Ahmedabad, India

    Below are some memorable moments I had throughout my stay in Ahmedabad that to me, piece together the puzzle of what it means to live in India. This post will keep being added as I traced back my eye-opening and touching experiences in this loving land. WEDDING Me and my roommate on our way to the wedding of my host sister’s friend. Weddings can be seen as one of the most special celebrations for each family in India. Long traditional …Continue Reading »
  • Brazil Here I Am!

    Brazil Here I Am!

    Parting with India, I finally landed in São Paulo, Brazil for the next chapter of my study abroad journey. “Overwhelmed” would be the best word to capture my condition over the last 5 days, since it feels like I am stepping into a world opposite to Ahmedabad: If my first days in Ahmedabad were wrapped up in dry and burning heat, dirt-packed air and (excitingly) chaotic traffic of motorbikes, rickshaws, cars, buses, cows and dogs, São Paulo paved my first …Continue Reading »
  • São Paulo, a city of color

    São Paulo, a city of color

    São Paulo vibrates with colors. From graffiti-filled walls to green-filled sky. From glassy modern skyscrapers to charming old-age downtown. From intricately crafted trinkets to shiny boutiques. Colors weave together to tell stories of individual voices and social landscape, of human talent and nature power, of unrelenting urban contestation and transformation. Colors mark a São Paulo unique in its struggles and triumph of a young democracy and an emerging economy. Art Graffiti*and pixação** set São Paulo apart. According to one of the …Continue Reading »
  • The truth about being global

    The truth about being global

    “When I came to the States, I felt inferior. When I came back to my home country, I felt superior” Carmen, our traveling faculty from Bolivia When I first came to the US, I felt like Alice getting both confused and awestruck in her Wonderland. As an international student from Vietnam who had almost no exposure to being abroad prior to Amherst, I was impressed by the new way of life America has to offer me. I came to idolize …Continue Reading »

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