Cy in Kyoto, Japan

Cy in KyotoI’m Cy! I intend to explore the lifestyle and culture surrounding food in Kyoto, Japan. With the intent of going beyond just how delicious the food is, I want to explore the unique methods of cultivation, geographic influences, as well as ancient histories that are integrated into Japanese food customs.

Cy’s Posts

  • Konbini- A Glimpse into Food Culture through Convenience Stores

    Konbini- A Glimpse into Food Culture through Convenience Stores

    こびに (Konbini): the convenience store. The holy trinity of Japan: 7-11, Lawson’s, and Family Mart. They’re inescapable, rounding every street corner (sometimes two right across the street from one another) of every city in Japan. Introduced in 1969, they have quickly become a staple of the Japanese diet, serving students, businessmen, and families — all different walks of Japanese life. They’re everywhere. Imagine the popularity and numbers of Starbucks, McDonalds, and CVS combined, and that is the amount of konbini …Continue Reading »
  • Adaptation out of Necessity: Grocery Shopping

    Adaptation out of Necessity: Grocery Shopping

    Adaptation. A fantastic characteristic to have, as well as an esoteric, indie Nicolas Cage movie. The former being a necessary skill to have when abroad, and the latter being a nice thing to have while abroad. This skill becomes especially important while transitioning between cultures, and particularly between America and Japan. I don’t think that many people expect for grocery shopping to be a difficult thing when going abroad. Language, cultural customs, financial difficulties — sure! These are the things …Continue Reading »
  • An Ode to Shiru Cafe

    An Ode to Shiru Cafe

      Amherst and Doshisha are eerily similar in a lot of ways. The founder of Doshisha, Joe Nishijima, built it after being inspired by Amherst, after all, so it makes sense. But some of the similarities hit a little too close to home. For example, there is an alumni building on campus called “Amherst House” that looks identical to Garman House. The style of all of the structures are similar to that of Amherst, and the school color is a …Continue Reading »
  • Kyoto’s Food Culture through Photos

    Kyoto’s Food Culture through Photos

                                   Continue Reading »
  • Kaiseki Meal: Simple is Best

    Kaiseki Meal: Simple is Best

    Anyone who knows me knows I’m chronically indecisive, particularly when it comes to food. I’m the terrible person who, in the middle of making their order at a restaurant, will change their mind and point to something else at the last second after the waitress has already scrawled down my original order. Or worse, I used to tell waiters, “Surprise me,” because I simply couldn’t make the decision myself. (I’ve been told that this is a terrible thing to say …Continue Reading »

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