• Cy in Kyoto, Japan

    Cy in Kyoto, Japan

    I’m Cy! I intend to explore the lifestyle and culture surrounding food in Kyoto, Japan. With the intent of going beyond just how delicious the food is, I want to explore the unique methods of cultivation, geographic influences, as well as ancient histories that are integrated into Japanese food customs.
  • Julia in Malawi, Italy, and India

    Julia in Malawi, Italy, and India

    Hey everyone! My name is Julia Herion-Cruz and I am a junior from Taos, New Mexico. I study Environmental Studies at Amherst and have been involved in La Causa and La Casa Latinx Culture House on campus. This semester I will be studying Food Security issues in Malawi, India, and Italy through an International Honors Program (IHP) called Rethinking Food Security. Join me as I share my experiences navigating three completely different countries and some insights I gain along the …
  • Bonnie in Taipei, Taiwan

    Bonnie in Taipei, Taiwan

    Bonnie loves to ask questions and learn about the world. During her two years at Amherst College, her greatest achievements are declaring a major in statistics and not yet setting any kitchens on fire. For the next two years, she plans on explaining to people why dental school will want a statistics major as she deals with the pressure of other enticing graduate programs. When she is not planning out her future, she enjoys the practice of improvisational cooking and listening …
  • Tasha in Singapore

    Tasha in Singapore

    Hi! I'm Tasha, a junior Environmental Studies major and current exchange student at Yale-NUS, which is a small liberal arts college (much like Amherst) in Singapore. I am spending my time here taking classes on environmental policy, climate change, and urban studies. I'm excited to learn more about the implications of urban planning and cultural diversity in Singapore, as well as learn more about how education here is similar (or different) to the U.S.
  • Tran in India, Brazil, and South Africa

    Tran in India, Brazil, and South Africa

    My name is Tran and I am an international student from Vietnam. I am spending my junior spring semester on IHP studies abroad program "Cities in 21 Centuries: People, Planning and Politics" in India (Ahmedabad), Brazil (São Paulo) and South Africa (Cape Town). As a Sociology major, I am eager to experience and reflect on how theoretical frameworks of social justice in Sociology play out in urban planning throughout this program. Three countries in one semester might sound a lot, …
  • Omar in Kyoto, Japan

    Omar in Kyoto, Japan

      ようこそ!Welcome to my blog from Japan! My name’s Omar Pineda, originally from New York, and studying Mathematics and Asian Languages & Civilizations at Amherst College. I’ve been spending my Junior year in Kyoto, Japan with the Associated Kyoto Program since last August. Click the links below for stories and pictures on what I’ve been doing. First time blogging so for any fumbles, 許してください!