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People often ask about our experiences abroad, but rarely give us time to paint a whole picture. Instead we reply with a quick, “Study abroad was amazing!” or “Study abroad was life-changing!” But what does that actually look like? Anyone who has spent time in a new environment knows it can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Cultural adjustment is a “roller coaster” that continues for a period of time after we return home, and the reflections often continue throughout our lives.

The Amherst College study abroad blog, Beyond the Bubble, intends to provide a genuine glimpse into the life of a student abroad and the transformations that take place both during and after the experience—from language barriers, new perspectives, and shifting identities to making friends abroad and reflecting on the meaning of home. Our bloggers will share their journey as Amherst College students and alumni with varied interests and multiple identities, and as people with a curiosity for the world around them.

We invite you to follow along, to reflect and learn with us.

Where we study

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Bonnie in Taipei: 25.033000, 121.565400

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