Elusive Expectations: Finding My Bearings After a Split Year Abroad

Written by Lily Fang ’18 Before I left, I wrote myself a letter. It was my final night on-campus before my junior year abroad. After hauling my remaining clutter to storage, I plopped down at my desk in my now-bare room. It felt unsettlingly empty. I was sad that day. A full year abroad was my longtime dream, but it also meant leaving close friends behind—friends who would graduate and disperse across the world before my return. I never knew …

Benjamin in Oxford, England

As an English major focusing on colonial literature, I chose to study in the United Kingdom in order to better understand the imperialism of the world’s largest empire in history and the culture of some of the greatest literature in the English language. At Amherst, I run for the varsity track (indoor and outdoor) and cross country teams. I am studying English and History at the University of Oxford through IFSA-Butler for the complete 2015-2016 academic year.