Vowels and Vistas: First Impressions of Spain from a Linguistic Perspective

¡Hola desde España! Salamanca truly deserves to be called “La Ciudad Dorada,” or “The Golden City”: when the sun shines on the face of Salamanca’s sandstone buildings, the stone appears golden, a phenomenon that continues as the sun sets and the city’s lights illuminate the stone a lighter shade of gold into the darker hours of the night. As I’ve

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My Goals for Studying Abroad in Salamanca, Spain

Hello everyone! My name is Woohyun and I am thrilled to share my study abroad experience with all of you throughout the semester. I will be studying in Salamanca, Spain through the IES Psychology program where I will be taking a variety of courses in the Spanish language, education, and psychology. I am looking forward to taking courses in education

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Woohyun in Salamanca

Hi everyone! My name is Woohyun and I am an Education Studies major from Bergen County, NJ. I will be spending this semester in Salamanca, Spain studying psychology along with Spanish history and culture. I am thrilled to learn psychology through the Spanish cultural lens and immerse myself in the local community throughout my time abroad.    As a GEO

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Summarizing Sustainability in Spain

It’s hard to recap everything I learned about Spain and its sustainability practices in a single blog post. Condensing an entire semester’s worth of knowledge and research is immensely difficult, and I never know what information is most pertinent to the topic at hand. Given this small disclosure, please note that what I talk about is only a small fraction

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Sustainability Correspondent: Maddie in Madrid

Hi everyone!  My name is Maddie, and I’m a first-semester junior from Oakland, California currently studying Spanish.  This fall, I’m going to be studying abroad in Madrid, Spain (and then Ecuador in the spring)!  While in Europe, I’ll be participating in the Middlebury Language Exchange Program and living with a host family.  Hopefully, this will enable me to finally progress

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First Impressions of Seville

People eat at small tables in front of a pink and yellow building

Last semester, when I told people that I would be spending the spring in Sevilla, everyone, from make-up artists at Sephora to old family friends, responded exclusively in superlatives. Before I set foot in Spain, I was prepared to find myself in a city with the best festivals, flamenco, architecture, and Spanish tortilla. A city full of uniquely open and

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