Reflections on Sustainable Fashion from Paris

Salut tout le monde, and welcome to my final blog post ! I’m sorry it’s late, this semester has decided to wrap itself up in a most chaotic fashion, with strikes across Paris impacting transport for the past two weeks, and a UK general election which really didn’t go as many of us had hoped… and all of this in the run-up to Christmas! I don’t know about you, but when I think about Christmas and the winter holidays, clothes …

Sustainability Fellow: Alice in Paris, France

Salut tout le monde, and welcome to my blog! I’m Alice, an international student from the beautiful North East of England, and I’ll be studying in Paris for a year, starting this fall. I’m a French and Russian major in Amherst’s class of 2021, and am focusing on Medieval French Literature and Russian Language this semester. In my spare time I love playing the flute, and I’m always planning my next radio show! As a Global Sustainability Fellow, I will …

Sustainability Fellow: Margaret in Paris, France

Bonjour! I’m Margaret, a French & Psychology major and member of the Bicentennial class. I will be spending the fall semester in Paris with Hamilton College in France and am excited to fully immerse myself in French culture & language. As a Global Sustainability Fellow, I will research strategies to combat plastic waste around the globe with a dual focus on plastic waste in France and the ocean.

Harith in Aix-en-Provence, France

Salut tout le monde! I’m Harith, class of 2019, and I study Computer Science and Philosophy. Over the next few months, I will share my struggles navigating the lovely south of France with my broken French. I hope to take you along with me as I bike around Aix-en-Provence, relish French culture, and bore you with my 0.02€ about how interesting it is to be a Pakistani in France and study abroad again!

Elusive Expectations: Finding My Bearings After a Split Year Abroad

Written by Lily Fang ’18 Before I left, I wrote myself a letter. It was my final night on-campus before my junior year abroad. After hauling my remaining clutter to storage, I plopped down at my desk in my now-bare room. It felt unsettlingly empty. I was sad that day. A full year abroad was my longtime dream, but it also meant leaving close friends behind—friends who would graduate and disperse across the world before my return. I never knew …

Only one? – Making Friends with French Natives

“A realistic goal for the semester is to make one good French friend.” I scoffed then. It was early September, during orientation for my study abroad program in Bordeaux. Confined to the stuffy university classroom, I was antsy. I longed to begin the experience already, to be free from the long hours of powerpoint presentations and overwhelming logistics. I had grand visions for the semester. Only one good French friend? I assumed it was a given–I was positive that things …

Ho Yean in Paris, France

  Hello everyone! My name is Ho Yean Choi, class of 2018 double majoring in Political Science and French. This fall I will attend l’Université Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne, looking forward to see the differences between discourses and pedagogy in Paris and that of Amherst. As coming to Amherst from Seoul was the first journey of my life, living in Paris will be my second journey which excites me a lot. I am happy to share my daily adventures here.