Gringo Afroamericano, Part III: Back to Baltimore

Hey, readers! I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog so far this year! My final post is a video in which I reflect on reverse culture shock (that experience of coming back home after being abroad)!

Links to the first two blogs in the “Gringo Afroamericano” series:

Part I – Reflecting on Race and Study Abroad

Part II – Risk-taking and Happiness Abroad

Want to learn more about black identity and travel? Check out this NYT article by Ashley Southall, “Black Travel Groups Find Kindred Spirits on Social Networks“. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Whether traveling solo or in groups, African-American travelers are often the only black passengers on an international flight. And once we land at our destination, we can be the only black guests at the hotel, restaurant or attraction. Although people the world over have heard of famous African-Americans like President Obama and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., many locals, like my fellow wedding guest in India, really do not know what to make of ordinary black travelers.”

*Also check out this NYT Magazine article by Jenna Wortham: “Joy of a Black Planet

*I mentioned Amandla Stenberg in my video. Here is a link to her video where she talks about black culture in the United States: “Don’t Cash Crop my Cornrows” (“What if America loved Black people as much as Black culture?”)


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