Bonnie in Taipei, Taiwan

Bonnie Lin sitting in front of a gateBonnie loves to ask questions and learn about the world. During her two years at Amherst College, her greatest achievements are declaring a major in statistics and not yet setting any kitchens on fire.

For the next two years, she plans on explaining to people why dental school will want a statistics major as she deals with the pressure of other enticing graduate programs. When she is not planning out her future, she enjoys the practice of improvisational cooking and listening to educational and psychology podcasts.

As a Taiwanese-American, first-generation college student, she plans on using her semester abroad in Taiwan to reclaim her heritage and deepen her overall college experience, which she likes to describe as undoubtedly stressful and doubtedly rewarding. To get through the responsibilities and workload of a student, she uses her vision of a content and healthy community as motivation. Ultimately, in order to fulfill this, she would like to build a future around the community by making healthcare accessible to children and families.

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