Bella in Havana, Cuba

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Hello! My name is Bella Berkley and I’m a junior studying Black Studies and LJST. I am taking the year to study in Havana, Cuba and can’t wait to share my second semester adventures with you!

I decided to study in Cuba because of its large Afro-Cuban population and its well-preserved archive of slavery related legal codes. I’m also excited to use my year abroad to increase my Spanish level and start doing research for my thesis. I have already made so many Cuban friends during my first semester with Spanish Studies Abroad and am looking forward to making more with my semester in the Brown Consortium for Advanced Studies Abroad (CASA) program.

I love running, taking dance classes, playing soccer with Cuban teammates, and sitting on the malecón listening to music with friends. I hope my blog can give you a little taste of Havana through my eyes!

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