Emily in Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA

Emily in WellesleyHi, I’m Emily! This fall I’m studying at Wellesley College, an all-women’s liberal arts college near Boston, MA. I’m from New Jersey and a class of 2020 neuroscience major. With this blog, I want to document my experiences at Wellesley and explore topics like the difference of attending a co-ed liberal arts vs. all-women’s liberal arts college. I hope you’ll join me as I navigate through life at a different campus in the fall!

Emily’s Posts

  • First Impressions

    First Impressions

    Hello from the very far away town of Wellesley, Massachusetts! It’s my 5th week here at Wellesley, and I can’t believe it’s already Fall! The campus is surrounded by trees, and I’m really excited to see the leaves change color. On first impressions, Wellesley isn’t that different from Amherst. Class sizes are around 600 students. Majority of students live in residence halls. The major difference is that it’s all-women’s. But I don’t notice it as much as I thought I …
  • The Lingering “What If”

    The Lingering “What If”

    When I was deciding where to go to college, I had the choice between two schools. One place was my mom and sister’s alma mater; it was a place I had visited multiple times before and it was nearby Boston, a city I had always wanted to live in. The other place was a wildcard: no one in my family had gone there before, and it was in the middle of rural Massachusetts, far from Boston. Even though I was …
  • Attending Wellesley, an All-Women’s College

    Attending Wellesley, an All-Women’s College

    Seeing the Stars Imagine you go outside after you’ve left your well-lit house. You look up and all you see is a black sky. However, your eyes start to adjust to the lack of surrounding light and your vision starts to change. Slowly, you observe these specks of light that become brighter as you stay outside. And finally, after a while, you see innumerable stars brightly speckling the dark canvas of the night. I think this phenomenon aptly describes my …

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