Kola in Shanghai, China

KolaHello everyone! My name is Kola and I’m an English and Computer Science major, currently studying Mandarin at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Check in here to learn about my experiences in China. I’m navigating a new space and my place within it, and I’d like to bring you all along! Also I’m trying to take a picture a day, so hopefully these posts will be filled with some decent things to look at.

Kola’s Posts

  • The First Nights

    The First Nights

    It’s weird how often things repeat themselves. A month ago, I experienced the bustle of Shanghai Pudong Airport for the second time. Three years have passed since my first encounter with the place, and the advertisements, people, and weather might be different, but there are always constants. Let’s take scale, for example. If I were to say that Shanghai is “big”, I feel like I’d be falling right into a cliché. It’s a city. It’s big. Duh. Clichés exist for …

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