London through Photos

A large vase with various designs on display

The Rosetta Vase by Grayson Perry at The British Museum


A marble sculpture of two bird-like creates holding up a bowl

“Collecting the World” at The British Museum


A hanging display depicting various creatures around a globe

Disease, War, Famine and Death from the Atomic Apocalypse by the Linares family at The British Museum


A bumblebee landing in a field of lavender

Beautiful gardens and bees in the rare sun


The sun shines between a cluster of flowers and gradd

More flowers and sun in my favorite place to study


Two boats sit in a polluted river in front of an old building covered in graffiti

Bethnal Greens and its incredibly polluted water


A clock tower in front of trees

The QMUL Clocktower, to be found in most brochures


A graffiti covered wall under a bridge

Graffiti in the early morning


A row of attached, light colored houses on a London street

A very different suburban way of life

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