Stuart in Madrid, Spain

Stuart in MadridHello! My name is Stuart Robbins and I am an American Studies major at Amherst. This semester, I will be seeking to develop a more nuanced and global perspective through my studies at Syracuse University in Madrid, Spain. I am most excited to increase my Spanish language skills and immerse myself in Spanish culture. During the semester I will be navigating the roller coaster of emotions that comes from living in a new culture. I love cooking, exploring the outdoors, and making new connections. During the months away from home, I will be integrating into a new community and a foreign culture. On this blog you will be able to get a sense of how I begin to shift my own assumptions and perspective.

Stuart’s Posts

  • Expectations and First Impressions

    Expectations and First Impressions

    I would like to say that I arrived in Spain without fully-formed expectations, but that would not be entirely honest. Before arriving in Madrid I spent hours imagining what it would be like to walk down picturesque streets (such as the ones pictured below) and to eat traditional Spanish dishes like croquetas and paella. Once I decided to spend a semester in Spain, I began to feel a hunger: the need to make a checklist of “must-have” experiences that if …

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