Sustainability Fellow: Bixie in Göttingen, Germany

Profile view of BixieMx. Bixie Eutsler is a writer, filmmaker, and all around creative type. They're currently studying gender and feminist theory in the picturesque University town of Göttingen, Germany but will be returning to Amherst in the fall of 2019 to complete their SWAGS and German majors. For their role as a Global Sustainability Fellow they hope to learn more about Germany's complex trash and recycling systems in the hope that similar concepts can be applied to Amherst.

Bixie’s Posts

  • Intro: Mülltrennung, Waste and Recycling System in Germany

    Intro: Mülltrennung, Waste and Recycling System in Germany

    Hello! I’m Bixie Eutsler, a third year Amherst student! I’m majoring in SWAGS and German, but I’m interested in a wide variety of topics including film and environmental protection. I am spending this school year abroad at Göttingen University in Germany. Amherst has a very interesting partnership with Göttingen in which every year two to four Amherst students study here. In return, two or more Göttingen students come to Amherst and act as our German language assistants. They also run …

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