The Ecuadorian Coast Detailed

“Save the trees, save the bees, save the whales, save those snails” – George Carlin (American actor). Vasula melones is a small species of marine whelk (carnivorous snail) that resides along the coasts of México, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, and the Galápagos Islands.1 It can be found in and around the intertidal zone of these regions, where the waves crash

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Query about Quito’s Carbon Emissions

Image shows the green-ness of Quito with the city off in the distance.

“Anybody who’s been to Ecuador wants to go back because it’s beautiful out there” – Michael Steger (American actor).  Unlike Amherst which ended its winter break in early February, my program in Ecuador began in early January, meaning I had just two weeks in between the end of my studies in Spain and when I would have to depart for

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Summarizing Sustainability in Spain

It’s hard to recap everything I learned about Spain and its sustainability practices in a single blog post. Condensing an entire semester’s worth of knowledge and research is immensely difficult, and I never know what information is most pertinent to the topic at hand. Given this small disclosure, please note that what I talk about is only a small fraction

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