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Grüß Gott! My name is Kiana Herold and I'm a junior LJST major at Amherst hailing from California. Back on campus I'm an editor for the Amherst Student and a runner on the Track & Field team. For the fall semester I'm studying with IES in Vienna, Austria and am excited to share some of my adventures and observations with you.

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  • Arriving in a City Where the Past is Ever-Present

    Arriving in a City Where the Past is Ever-Present

    After arriving in Austria, the first thing I noticed was the similarity between lives here and in the U.S. Despite being halfway across the globe, everyday life here appears to be much the same. In the apartment above mine, a family goes about their daily routine just as an American family would; I wake up in the morning to the pitter-patter of restless little feet getting ready for school. Though the streets are often cobblestone, and while the buildings may …Continue Reading »
  • Austrian Cuisine Vlog!

    Austrian Cuisine Vlog!

  • Getting to Know Home From Afar

    Getting to Know Home From Afar

    After just passing the benchmark one month mark of living in Vienna, I can already say the notion of home has been cropping up and evolving frequently. The first few weeks I was here, and even now I constantly mentally compare the smallest minutiae of everyday life to what it would be like back in Massachusetts or California. I recently went on a trip to Germany and Poland with my study abroad program, and after a whole bus of 45 …Continue Reading »
  • A City of the Arts

    A City of the Arts

    After neglecting to fully dive into the art and music that flourishes in the cultural city of Vienna, the time has come. The arts are simply huge here. Austria spends more money on the arts than its military. In 2015 Vienna alone allocated 231 million euros to the arts, while the entire country of the U.S. allocated 146 million dollars. This single city handily surpassed our entire country. On the U-bahn (subway) there are signs for operas, orchestras, etc. Everyday …Continue Reading »
  • A Short Guide to Being Polite in Austria

    A Short Guide to Being Polite in Austria

    After spending over two months in Austria and being more than halfway through my study abroad experience, I thought it’d be fitting to describe some of the social norms in Austrian and Viennese society more broadly. The main underlying theme seems to be efficiency—though Austrians claim to be the most “laid-back” of German-speaking countries, and while the stereotype of precise timeliness does not quite hold up (many of my professors are happily late, some trains even don’t run quite on …Continue Reading »
  • A Different Approach to Learning

    A Different Approach to Learning

    I thought it would be interesting to delve into the school system in Austria, because it differs greatly from its U.S. counterpart. Here there is elementary school from age 6-10, and then at age 10 there comes a big decision that will impact the rest of the child’s life—to go onto the harder middle school and college preparatory high school and then university, or to go to the “easier” tracked middle school which will lead to a vocational high school, …Continue Reading »
  • A Day in the Life

    A Day in the Life

    The video captures my daily life in Vienna, as a student commuting to school with IES Abroad and to the internship I work for with the University of Vienna Masters Program in Human Rights. I tried to portray what life is like day to day for a student studying abroad, and show viewers some of the sights of Vienna. A huge part of life here is the public transportation— which so smooth and commonly used by everyone (I will miss …Continue Reading »
  • Auf Wiederschauen Wien~ Until I See You Again, Vienna

    Auf Wiederschauen Wien~ Until I See You Again, Vienna

    It has been a whirlwind of an experience living for nearly five months abroad, and I still can’t get it through my head that it is ending so soon. I am busy packing, finishing finals, and reflecting on my experience here. With a few days left in Austria, I have been mentally listing what I’ll miss, what I’m excited about home and trying to predict what I will find the most different when I return home. I’ve been thinking back …Continue Reading »

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