Ho Yean in Paris, France

Ho Yean in Paris


Hello everyone! My name is Ho Yean Choi, class of 2018 double majoring in Political Science and French.

This fall I will attend l’Université Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne, looking forward to see the differences between discourses and pedagogy in Paris and that of Amherst. As coming to Amherst from Seoul was the first journey of my life, living in Paris will be my second journey which excites me a lot. I am happy to share my daily adventures here.

Ho Yean’s Posts

  • First encounter with the city

    First encounter with the city

    First Impression Despite its fame as the number one tourist spot in the world, Paris has a much relaxed vibe than I expected. I was born and raised in one of the busiest cities in the world, in which everything has to be automatic, fast, and user-friendly. I had an expectation that most other big cities would be similar, which was broken by coming here. On the first day of the orientation, Google map showed that going to the Middlebury …Continue Reading »
  • Constructing my own safe space

    Constructing my own safe space

    (Places I visited before the episode in this post happened. Paris really is a beautiful and enlightening city to live. All my thoughts and experiences below are very personal, and can be different from what most other people have felt here.)                  Ni hao? Korean? Annyounghaseyo? Yeppuyo! said the guy standing behind the display stand, which made my friend and I put down the bracelet and leave the tent. I had already given …Continue Reading »
  • ‘Studying’ abroad here – what’s so different?

    ‘Studying’ abroad here – what’s so different?

    The first day of the class The entrance to the school building was packed with people where three guards were checking ID cards and bags of each student. Entering the lecture room, I was struck by its gigantic size. Rows of seats were filled with students, about a hundred and more at the lowest estimate. Presently, the door opened again and the professor came in, with a microphone in one hand and a pile of papers in the other. She …Continue Reading »

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