Jonah in Prague, Czech Republic

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Dobrý den. Ahoj! My name is Jonah, class of 2019. I am an English major studying in Czech Republic and surrounding areas for the next few months. I’ll be in Prague for most of my stay living with a host family, immersed in Czech arts and culture.


I love literature and music probably more than most things. Swimming is always something that I am very attached to. My curiosity for people is like a fever and I am always excited to meet new people, but, I have never been in another country for more than 7 days. So, this experience will be challenging and exciting.


Please join me for whatever weird, fun, awkward, new, sad-ish, confusing, and or joyful experience I have!

Jonah’s Posts

  • Smiles, Showers and the Shadow of Communism

    Smiles, Showers and the Shadow of Communism

            When I walk into a store, what do I say? Is it rude to say hello in the English Language? What about saying goodbye in English? What about ordering food?  “I’d like to have so and so.” Or I could try in Czech: “Dam si Smažený vepřový řízek s bramborovým salátem.” Whenever I try saying the actual words, the waiters don’t understand me. O.K., I say to myself, then I proceed to point at the thingy …
  • Transition, Translation, The Mind, and Nothing

    Transition, Translation, The Mind, and Nothing

      Though I do miss me a good ol’ American breakfast with things like eggs and bacon and toast with butter and jam and maybe pancakes and breakfast sausage or perhaps oatmeal with some raisins along with some butter and brown sugar or an omelette (which actually I usually don’t like) or some French toast…mmm…the yummness of French toast does not ever subside from my mind. Where was I? Though I do miss me a good ol’ American breakfast, I …
  • What Do You See? What Do you Feel? What Can I say?

    What Do You See? What Do you Feel? What Can I say?

        In a recent excursion with my program we went to Kraków, Poland. During my stay I didn’t venture that for from the town center, which is actually at least a mile long from the north to the south end. The space is packed with tourists, some locals, food shops, history, old churches and architecture. When I first got to the city, I was a bit worried about the recent face of Nationalism that has publicly risen, and how …
  • Leaving Prague Feels Weird

    Leaving Prague Feels Weird

    When I hear the bubbly friendly smiley Swiss flight attendant and I see the playfulness of him giving out different stickers, coloring books, and trinkets to children on the airplane during pre-departure, I know that I have left Prague and that I have left the Czech Republic before the plane has lifted off the ground. I can’t recall encountering such casual enthusiasm during my stay in the Czech Republic, though this is not a bad thing. So, yeah, my body …

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