Sustainability Fellow: Margaret in Paris, France

Margaret WernerBonjour! I’m Margaret, a French & Psychology major and member of the Bicentennial class. I will be spending the fall semester in Paris with Hamilton College in France and am excited to fully immerse myself in French culture & language. As a Global Sustainability Fellow, I will research strategies to combat plastic waste around the globe with a dual focus on plastic waste in France and the ocean.

Margaret’s Posts

  • Bienvenue à Biarritz

    Bienvenue à Biarritz

    Bonjour! My name is Margaret and I am a member of the Bicentennial class majoring in French & Psychology. Environmental issues have always been important to me. I was raised in a New Hampshire community filled with Priuses and families bringing reusable shopping bags to the local Co-Op. Composting was the norm in my high school, and the Outing Club organized hikes in the White and Green Mountains most weekends. Living in a community that prioritizes environmental consciousness and education …Continue Reading »
  • Plastic Waste in Paris

    Plastic Waste in Paris

      Hello again everyone! As the semester has gone on, I moved from my orientation in Biarritz to Paris where I will spend the academic semester. While there are many differences between the small city of Biarritz and the capital city of Paris, one commonality I am struck by is the environmental conscientiousness and culture of resource conservation. As I am living in a homestay, it is interesting to view how this is practiced within the scope of an individual …Continue Reading »
  • Waterways in Paris, the Loire Valley, and Biarritz

    Waterways in Paris, the Loire Valley, and Biarritz

                 Continue Reading »
  • Sustainability in Parisian Households Interviews

    Sustainability in Parisian Households Interviews

      Rather than a more traditional long-form interview, I chose to conduct brief interviews with a variety of French inhabitants. Specifically, I spoke with twelve people ranging from full-time Parisian inhabitants to American students experiencing cultural immersion by living in French homestays. I thought it would be interesting to hear from a variety of perspectives in order to encapsulate the melting pot culture that comprises most major cities, Paris included. Below you can find excerpts from their thoughts on sustainability …Continue Reading »
  • Recap of A Sustainable Semester in Paris

    Recap of A Sustainable Semester in Paris

      My semester studying in Paris has been an incredible learning opportunity within the context of my Global Sustainability Fellowship position. I began the semester researching sustainable plastic waste initiatives in Biarritz. Biarritz, a small city in the south of France, is where the G7 was most recently held in August 2019. Sustainability was on the G7 agenda; global leaders discussed inclusive ecological transitions, biodiversity erosion, tangible solutions for biodiversity erosion, and financing the preservation of biodiversity. In addition, the …Continue Reading »

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