Dorothy in Oxford, England

Hi! I’m Dorothy Scarborough, and I’m a junior studying English and Art History. Throughout the 2021-2022 academic year, I will be studying at New College, Oxford through the Amherst direct enroll program.

I’m interested in Oxford’s famous tutorial program and working in small class sizes (hence my enrollment at Amherst), and I plan to write extensively about the differences and similarities in an American and English university experience and culture differences at large. I also plan to write about getting involved in extracurriculars while abroad. I have already started working on Cherwell, Oxford’s newspaper, as a fashion editor, and will be involved in the Film Foundation and Media Society.

I’m so – read perhaps dangerously – excited to finally get to England (I was supposed to be there last year, but you know) and show you the highs and inevitable lows from my time abroad. I hope that anyone reading this will be able to take away some crucial information about what it means to study at Oxford and in the New College program specifically!

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