On Student Life

Recently, while waiting to go into a class, one of my tutorial partners said, “I love Monday nights in the library, all of the English students are there and it’s one big stressful party as we write (or procrastinate writing) our papers.” Now, that combination of words sounds alien to you, don’t worry, but Oxford does have its own educational

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Sharon in Strasbourg, France

Bonjour! I’m Sharon, a French major from Los Angeles, studying abroad in Strasbourg, France through the Syracuse University – Strasbourg program. I’m excited to be sharing my experiences studying at the Sciences Po of Strasbourg with local French students, learning about the blend of French and German culture in the Alsace region, and integrating into French culture as an Asian

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Silvia in Oxford, England

Hey everyone! My name is Silvia Huang and I’m a senior studying abroad at Oxford University for the Fall 2021 semester. I’m a LJST and ASLC double major and will be taking Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management and Ethics, and Italian Renaissance Painting for the Michaelmas term. I’m excited to reflect on expanding our “bubbles” (our personal worldviews that are shaped

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