Haru in Copenhagen

Harufumi poses on a set of stairs in front of a tree with bright yellow leaves

Hej! I’m Haru (Harufumi Nakazawa), studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark for the semester. At Amherst I am a junior majoring in economics and sociology. I am also an international student from Tokyo, Japan enjoying my study-abroad ^2 experience right now! In Copenhagen, I am concentrating on my primary interest in migration studies, taking courses on international refugee law, the Scandinavian welfare system, social psychology, and a couple more. My goal is to broaden my knowledge and interest so that I can integrate them into a thesis project when I get back to campus.


In this blog, I document my observations comparing Denmark with the USA and a host of other countries, inspired by my day-to-day life, classes, and interactions with my host family.  I hope you’ll learn as much as I am while writing this!

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