Emily in Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA

Emily in Wellesley

Hi, I’m Emily! This fall I’m studying at Wellesley College, an all-women’s liberal arts college near Boston, MA. I’m from New Jersey and a class of 2020 neuroscience major. With this blog, I want to document my experiences at Wellesley and explore topics like the difference of attending a co-ed liberal arts vs. all-women’s liberal arts college. I hope you’ll

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Identity Crises

Esperanza lying on a bed, playing guitar

My brown is not Brazilian brown. In fact, my brown is not even brown here. I am considered white with a foreign tan, and every day that tan is fading as fall slips into winter. I realized I was white for the first time while eating dinner with a local friend, when she asked me if I identified as ‘Latina’.

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Leaving Prague Feels Weird

Portrait of Jonah Drawn by His Host Dad

When I hear the bubbly friendly smiley Swiss flight attendant and I see the playfulness of him giving out different stickers, coloring books, and trinkets to children on the airplane during pre-departure, I know that I have left Prague and that I have left the Czech Republic before the plane has lifted off the ground. I can’t recall encountering such

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How to Be a Yuma

Black and white photo of person riding bicycle in middle of street in Havana, Cuba

After nearly two semesters studying in Cuba, I’ve been fortunate enough to learn about and take part in many amazing aspects of Cuban culture. While two semesters is not nearly enough to fully understand a different space and context, it has given me a more detailed snapshot than I would have had otherwise. One of the most interesting experiences I’ve

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