Engolindo Sapos

Protest in center of Rio after death of Marielle Franco

As I begin to write this I imagine what this post would have looked like if the murder had not happened. I would have probably focused on writing about the silly activities underclassmen are subjected to during the first weeks of college–like using buckets as backpacks. I might have written about the oddities of young Brazilians’ vernacular, where every sentence

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When Global Means Staying Home, Too

Written by Rachael Hanley, Director of Social and New Media in the Amherst College Office of Communications (Originally published on the Amherst College website, 27 February 2018)     When Rebecca Houedjissi ’18 decided to take a semester away from Amherst College, international study was an option—but not the only one. After considering a range of choices, Houedjissi decided to

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