What I Will Miss

Inside of narrow dorm room

Homesickness didn’t immediately hit me in either semester. Each time, it started as an almost non-existent feeling, hidden by the wonder of study abroad, and slowly it grew into an urgency to be back home close to my family, warm in my bed. Right now, as I try to picture the life I am returning to, even Amherst, with its

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Living in the City

Night scene of river in Budapest

Apologies for the late update! In East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, a town with a population of ~16,000, you need a car to get anywhere, community events are huge ordeals, and nightlife isn’t really a thing. Growing up, I certainly didn’t have a problem with this; I wasn’t itching to throw myself out into the world, accustomed to the stability of suburbia.

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Hungarian Parliament building at night

It’s about halfway into the semester, and I’m here finally trying to reflect on what impact the time away has had on me. It’s funny, because even though I know sitting down and committing to reflection is good for understanding myself, I rarely do it. Dissecting experiences and categorizing the bits and pieces into different aspects of one’s identity is

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