Beyond the Familiar: First Impressions of Singapore

Five years ago, I was fifteen and traveled to Singapore for the first time. Although few memories remain from that short trip, I distinctly remember being captivated by the lush greenery enveloping the bustling cityscape, and awed by the sustainability of the densely-populated city lacking in natural resources. I’ve been in Singapore for almost a month now, retracing and rediscovering

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Our Ecologies of Care

Walking down the aisles of my local supermarket, mask securely fashioned, and hands gloved, I scanned the shelves with concern. I was not looking for what was there, I had already finished the lists from my family and for my grandpa. Instead, I was looking for what was missing. All that the shelves lacked, and continue to lack, hold the

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Guide to A Sustainable Study Abroad Experience

By Margaret Werner and Rebecca Novick We’ve all heard the arguments supporting the choice to study abroad: cultural immersion, personal growth, meeting new people, learning a language, travel, becoming more independent,  challenging yourself, the list goes on. But what happens when you actually arrive in your host community? What is it like living abroad? How can you do so while

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Guiding Future Students in Sustainability Abroad

Hi everyone,  Thanks for tuning in for my last blog post! Although I’ve been at home for the past month instead of in Copenhagen, I have been continuing with my abroad courses online, including Danish (which has definitely been much less useful outside of Denmark). It has been an adjustment being back at home and living through this unprecedented pandemic.

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A semester cut short: The main takeaways from my time in Copenhagen

Trampolines in the streets of Copenhagen

Last week, I said a premature goodbye to Denmark and I’m now completing my classes online from my couch, along with the rest of the world. This entry was supposed to be a photo journal about alternative transportation in Copenhagen and I was planning on doing a loop throughout the whole city by taking every form of public transit for

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