Konso in Rome, Italy

Konso MbakireSalve! My name is Konso Mbakire. I am a Mathematics and Economics double major spending my sophomore spring in Rome with the IES Rome program.

Interestingly, I’m already an international student at Amherst College, so I’m studying abroad from my study abroad, which is extremely thrilling. I recently joined Amherst Dance and have been involved with the Amherst Christian Fellowship from my first year. I am truly excited, and honored, to be able to share my experience with you.

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  • Study Abroad 101

    Study Abroad 101

    It’s not even been a week yet and I already have a ton to say. That’s been study abroad for me so far; full. I’m hoping you’ll join me on this journey. Usually when I ask people to journey with me through my speech or writing, I have a destination in mind, but this time I’m on the journey too, and I have no idea where it leads. The purpose of my blog is to let you see study abroad …Continue Reading »
  • Why Immigration?

    Why Immigration?

    I’ve just completed my fourth week of classes, and I’m finally starting to scratch the surface of Italian politics. My Advent of Christianity course, taught by a Professor of Archaeology, gives me some understanding of the Roman Empire at its prime, which I find fascinating because of its modernity in philosophy of power. Rome, therefore, having such a rich and long history to it, has a long winded and complicated political scene. There is much more to know than a life …Continue Reading »
  • The Black Men of IES Roma

    The Black Men of IES Roma

  • The Black Men of IES Roma: a personal reflection

    The Black Men of IES Roma: a personal reflection

    Editing my vlog took a ton of time, but interviewing Massimo, Jawaun and Joe was a ton of fun, and very enlightening. My aim with my vlog was simply to give them a voice. Shockingly, they represent 100% of the black male population at my program – students and staff included, yet both Jawun and Joe go to Amherst College. I would say about 7% of the students at my program identify as black, in comparison to Amherst’s 13%. There’s …Continue Reading »
  • How does politics work exactly?

    How does politics work exactly?

    Although I am not taking a politics course this semester, I have a deep personal interest in politics and I wanted to figure out where to place Italian politics. This was my motivation for this vlog post. The end result was quite different actually, I ended up realizing that politics in all the places I’ve lived in is quite similar. The details are vastly different, but all over the world, people start out with a great sense of optimism and …Continue Reading »

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