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Portrait of the author, Marc DaalderKia ora! My name is Marc Daalder, and I’m studying this semester in Wellington, New Zealand. At Amherst I’m a Class of 2018 History major, and at Victoria University of Wellington I’ll be taking a mixture of History and Political Science courses, while also involving myself in the local journalism and activism scenes. Although I’ve lived internationally before, I’m excited for what will undoubtedly be a unique and fantastic experience!

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  • Another Way

    Another Way

    If you’ve gone on study abroad to a different country, you’re probably familiar with international orientation – the multi-day event which briefs you on everything from academics to safety to which supermarkets are the cheapest. And, of course, there’s always a small language component, detailing common words and phrases that you might not be familiar with already. On the second day of international orientation at Victoria University of Wellington, where I’m studying History this semester, we reached that last part. …Continue Reading »
  • Being Independent Abroad

    Being Independent Abroad

    When I originally imagined studying abroad, I didn’t think my daily life would be that different from what I experienced at Amherst. After all, I was already used to living on my own, away from my parents, for months at a time, and the changes in my living situation – that I would live off campus and need to cook my own meals – didn’t seem too significant. I was wrong. Even though my circumstances truly aren’t that dissimilar from …Continue Reading »
  • Differing Academics

    Differing Academics

    Countless times, I’ve found myself struggling to explain to my fellow students at Victoria University here in New Zealand exactly how Amherst operates. I start off by talking about how liberal arts schools usually operate – requiring students to take courses in a series of different subjects, from math to languages to science. Then, I add, Amherst is the same but it gets rid of those requirements. “So, it’s just like Vic?” these students ask, referring to Victoria by its …Continue Reading »
  • A Journey Home

    A Journey Home

    In some ways, it’s ironic that I was instructed to avoid “travel writing” for this blog, seeing as Study Abroad is, at its core, about travel – or at least, is contingent on some sort of long-term travel and living in a new place. In other ways, however, it’s completely understandable. People read this blog to understand Study Abroad – the new experiences, the challenges, the tips and tricks – and not to hear about my adventures in New Zealand. …Continue Reading »

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