Ellen in Helsinki, Finland

Moi! My name is Ellen and I am studying in Finland at the University of Helsinki. I am a mathematics major at Amherst but at the University of Helsinki I am a student in the Faculty of Arts. I have come to Finland hoping to explore Nordic life and to experience a more self-guided education system. While I am attending school in Helsinki, Suvisaaristo (translated as summer islands) will be my home, and I look forward to writing about my …

Marc in Wellington, New Zealand

Kia ora! My name is Marc Daalder, and I’m studying this semester in Wellington, New Zealand. At Amherst I’m a Class of 2018 History major, and at Victoria University of Wellington I’ll be taking a mixture of History and Political Science courses, while also involving myself in the local journalism and activism scenes. Although I’ve lived internationally before, I’m excited for what will undoubtedly be a unique and fantastic experience!

Tasha in Singapore

Hi! I’m Tasha, a junior Environmental Studies major and current exchange student at Yale-NUS, which is a small liberal arts college (much like Amherst) in Singapore. I am spending my time here taking classes on environmental policy, climate change, and urban studies. I’m excited to learn more about the implications of urban planning and cultural diversity in Singapore, as well as learn more about how education here is similar (or different) to the U.S.