Amanda in Sydney, Australia

Amanda sitting on bench wearing winter jacketHi!  My name is Amanda and I am a biochemistry and biophysics major from New York City. I am spending my spring semester at the University of Sydney, where I will take classes in biology and physics.  I will be living at the women's residential college of the university.  I have never been to Australia before and I am looking forward to the sun and the wildlife.

Amanda’s Posts

  • First Impressions

    First Impressions

    It’s 75 degrees and sunny here in Sydney. March 1st was the first day of Autumn and I spent the afternoon at Bondi Beach avoiding surfers who strayed into the designated swimming section. I arrived two and a half weeks ago. What follows requires a bit of terminology: Uni: University, i.e. where one studies. Here, the University of Sydney, which is located in Camperdown, a suburb in Sydney’s Inner West. Photos of the quadrangle and parts of the law school …
  • Daily Life

    Daily Life

    I spent the last week getting over a cold, which meant lots of sleeping during the day and and some time spent at the chemist finding cold medicine in a whole new world of over-the-counter drugs.  I felt better on Sunday and took a ferry around Darling Harbour.  In Sydney, public transport costs $2.60 total on Sundays, so it’s a great day to explore.  Here is my photo of the Sydney Harbour Bridge (you can see the Opera House, too). …
  • Mid-Semester Break and USyd Academics

    Mid-Semester Break and USyd Academics

    It’s mid-semester break and I am in Queensland (The Sunshine State), three hours north of Sydney by plane.  I spent the beginning of the break enjoying Easter in Sydney, which included the Sydney Royal Easter Show, a massive fair with carnival rides, livestock competitions, woodcutting, and showbags (bags of candy and themed souvenirs at low prices).  The Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales runs the Easter Show to raise funds to invest in agricultural programs in rural NSW.  Here …
  • Immersion


    In addition to academics and access to my major requirements, cultural immersion was one of my top priorities when I planned my semester abroad. I did extensive research and decided the best way to meet and become friends with Australian students was to live on campus, even though most Australian students live at home or in off-campus housing.  In off-campus student accommodation easily accessible to international students, I probably would have been around very few local students. At College, I …

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