Somos Conexión

Woohyun standing in front of a mural which depicts a child carrying a dog, cat, and bird in a makeshift bag on their back.
Somos conexión (We are connection), painted by artist Raúl Ruiz

This mural titled Somos conexión (We are connection) was painted by artist Raúl Ruiz, who is more commonly known as el niño de las pinturas (the boy of the paintings). This artwork depicts a young boy who seems like a foreigner in Spain, touching upon the theme of immigration in the nation. This boy carries a series of animals, including a dog, a cat, and a bird. The combination of these harmless beings and the young boy’s expression of being seemingly both lost and astonished, and the words “Somos conexión” portrays that despite our differences in background, appearance, age, or anything, we are always connected by humanity, a message towards immigration in Spain. 

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