Molly in Cádiz, Spain

Molly Pines¡Hola a todos! My name is Molly Pines and I'm a rising junior from outside of San Francisco. At Amherst, my majors are English and Spanish, my extracurriculars are swimming, tour guiding, and Amherst Dance, and my interests include food, poetry, exercise, all types of music, and taking long walks. This Fall, I'm excited to be studying abroad in Cádiz, Spain. Join me to hear my honest and hopefully interesting accounts of all things gaditano. From my day-to-day routines to my once-in-a-lifetime adventures, I plan to describe it all here. ¡Vamos!

Molly’s Posts

  • Heating Up and Cooling Down

    Heating Up and Cooling Down

    My last blog post feels like so long ago that I barely remember writing it. It has only been a month or so since then, but big things have happened here: my mom came to visit me, I went on three trips (including one by myself), I competed in a swim meet, Thanksgiving happened, I realized I’ve been dehydrated the entire semester, my favorite ice cream shop closed for the winter, I bought new boots, I took my first final …Continue Reading »
  • Routines


    Today, I’m 46 days into my fall semester, 63 days into living in Cádiz, Spain, and 78 days into study abroad. Finally, I feel like I’ve moved into the in-the-swing-of-things stage. There are a couple reasons why it took me so long, but a lot of it has to do with the structure of my program. When we arrived in Spain, we first spent four days in Madrid, adjusting to a new time zone and schedule, meeting as a group …Continue Reading »
  • What Stays and What Goes: Being Myself and Not Myself Abroad

    What Stays and What Goes: Being Myself and Not Myself Abroad

    Everything in Cádiz is beautiful and walkable. From my apartment, where I live with a host family of four – Bibi, Jorge, and their children Paula and Guille – I walk 2 minutes to the nearest plaza, where I often meet an American friend in my program who lives nearby. I walk 10 minutes to school, where I’m currently taking a 3-week intensive Spanish course with other international students and where I’ll take my 3 semester-long classes with local students …Continue Reading »
  • When Goals are Getting in the Way

    When Goals are Getting in the Way

    I keep trying to visualize myself in the city of Cádiz, which will be my home in about two weeks, but instead I end up with this mental image of me returning to Amherst after the semester is over. I guess it makes sense. My mind is returning to what it knows, staying inside its visual comfort zone. But it’s still an odd thing to imagine: myself, months from now, in a familiar place with familiar people, but on the …Continue Reading »

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