Julia in Malawi, Italy, and India

Julia in front of water and Golden Gate BridgeHey everyone! My name is Julia Herion-Cruz and I am a junior from Taos, New Mexico. I study Environmental Studies at Amherst and have been involved in La Causa and La Casa Latinx Culture House on campus.

This semester I will be studying Food Security issues in Malawi, India, and Italy through an International Honors Program (IHP) called Rethinking Food Security. Join me as I share my experiences navigating three completely different countries and some insights I gain along the way regarding global food production and access!  

Julia’s Posts

  • What is an IHP Program Really?

    What is an IHP Program Really?

    I knew study abroad would be a great opportunity for me to learn how to admit and recognize all the things I don’t know. What I wasn’t expecting was that I would get lots of great practice learning to say “I don’t know” before I even departed for my program. After learning about my admission to the IHP Rethinking Food Security Program, I found myself constantly fumbling when trying to explain the complexity of what I would be doing for …
  • On Learning, Teaching and Goodbyes

    On Learning, Teaching and Goodbyes

               Leaving Berkley for our 22-hour trek to Malawi felt for the most part surreal. Partly because of the extremely immersive and busy schedule we’d had in the Bay Area, I had almost forgotten we wouldn’t be spending the entire semester there. It was difficult to wrap my head around the fact that we would be traveling with only each other to rely on for the next 4 months in such drastically different places. Looking back, it’s hard to fully …

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