Julia in Malawi, Italy, and India

Julia in front of water and Golden Gate BridgeHey everyone! My name is Julia Herion-Cruz and I am a junior from Taos, New Mexico. I study Environmental Studies at Amherst and have been involved in La Causa and La Casa Latinx Culture House on campus.

This semester I will be studying Food Security issues in Malawi, India, and Italy through an International Honors Program (IHP) called Rethinking Food Security. Join me as I share my experiences navigating three completely different countries and some insights I gain along the way regarding global food production and access!  

Julia’s Posts

  • What is an IHP Program Really?

    What is an IHP Program Really?

    I knew study abroad would be a great opportunity for me to learn how to admit and recognize all the things I don’t know. What I wasn’t expecting was that I would get lots of great practice learning to say “I don’t know” before I even departed for my program. After learning about my admission to the IHP Rethinking Food Security Program, I found myself constantly fumbling when trying to explain the complexity of what I would be doing for …

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