Sustainability Fellow: Bixie in Göttingen, Germany

Mx. Bixie Eutsler is a writer, filmmaker, and all around creative type. They’re currently studying gender and feminist theory in the picturesque University town of Göttingen, Germany but will be returning to Amherst in the fall of 2019 to complete their SWAGS and German majors. For their role as a Global Sustainability Fellow they hope to learn more about Germany’s complex trash and recycling systems in the hope that similar concepts can be applied to Amherst.

Sustainability Fellow: Olivia in Svalbard, Norway

Hi, I’m Olivia! I come from Bend, Oregon and I’m a Geology major in the class of 2020. This semester I’m studying in the archipelago of Svalbard, Norway at the northernmost university in the world (located at 78° N, which is about 650 miles from the North Pole). My courses here are focused on Arctic Geology, and in my free time I’m doing lots of skiing! As a Global Sustainability Fellow, I will be exploring the topic of modern food …

Sustainability Fellow: Yuko in Paro, Bhutan

Hi, kuzuzangpo-la, and welcome to my Bio! My name is Yuko Nakano and I’m in Paro, Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon and a country where the spirit governs the land. More on that in future posts. I’m a junior at Amherst College, and I am pursuing an environmental studies major and an international relations certificate through the five-colleges. Interdisciplinary is a concept I resonate with in and out of the classroom. In the grand valleys and mountains of …

Amanda in Sydney, Australia

Hi!  My name is Amanda and I am a biochemistry and biophysics major from New York City. I am spending my spring semester at the University of Sydney, where I will take classes in biology and physics.  I will be living at the women’s residential college of the university.  I have never been to Australia before and I am looking forward to the sun and the wildlife.

Stuart in Madrid, Spain

Hello! My name is Stuart Robbins and I am an American Studies major at Amherst. This semester, I will be seeking to develop a more nuanced and global perspective through my studies at Syracuse University in Madrid, Spain. I am most excited to increase my Spanish language skills and immerse myself in Spanish culture. During the semester I will be navigating the roller coaster of emotions that comes from living in a new culture. I love cooking, exploring the outdoors, …

Kola in Shanghai, China

Hello everyone! My name is Kola and I’m an English and Computer Science major, currently studying Mandarin at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Check in here to learn about my experiences in China. I’m navigating a new space and my place within it, and I’d like to bring you all along! Also I’m trying to take a picture a day, so hopefully these posts will be filled with some decent things to look at.

Emily in Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA

Hi, I’m Emily! This fall I’m studying at Wellesley College, an all-women’s liberal arts college near Boston, MA. I’m from New Jersey and a class of 2020 neuroscience major. With this blog, I want to document my experiences at Wellesley and explore topics like the difference of attending a co-ed liberal arts vs. all-women’s liberal arts college. I hope you’ll join me as I navigate through life at a different campus in the fall!

Anthony in Granada, Spain

¡Hola! My name is Anthony Phillips and I am a Junior studying Sociology at Amherst College. I am going to Granada, Spain for my Fall 2018 semester and I am so excited! I will travel internationally for the first time and immerse myself in a different culture. My goal is to improve my Spanish speaking skills and to evolve as both a student and person. I enjoy dancing, meeting new people, visiting art galleries and eating different foods! Come join …

Talia in Copenhagen, Denmark

Hej! My name is Talia Land and I am a 2020 Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought (LJST) major. On campus, I am a member of the women’s varsity lacrosse team and I also write for the Amherst Student. This fall I am studying in Copenhagen, Denmark through a program called DIS. I am looking forward to exploring a brand new area of the world (including a class trip to Bosnia) and also trying things that are out of my comfort …

Esperanza in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Oi gente! My name is Esperanza, and this semester I am studying in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Originally, I’m from Las Cruces, New Mexico. In Amherst, I am a class of 2019 Environmental Studies major. Here in Rio, I’m a student at Pontifícia Universidade Católica through SUNY New Paltz. I’m most excited to improve my Portuguese, study forest ecology, and embrace my inner beach bum.

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