An Interview with the Chaolei People of Southern Thailand

Now, we enter the final course of the sustainable development studies curriculum: Oceans. On campus, we took one week to learn about fishing regulations, sea grass, and more. Then, we took two and a half weeks in Southern Thailand. We stayed at two fishing villages, one of them all Muslim, and went camping on beautiful islands close to Malaysia.   

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Living & Learning in Maetha: An Environmental Movement Prioritizing Human Health

Hello! As Thailand begins moving into summer, my time here is approaching the halfway point. Here in Chiang Mai, the burning season has arrived, where nearby farmers burn their old fields. Luckily, I have not noticed any increase in smoky air yet.  What I have noticed is how hot it has gotten. When I walk out on the street, it

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Beyond the Familiar: First Impressions of Singapore

Five years ago, I was fifteen and traveled to Singapore for the first time. Although few memories remain from that short trip, I distinctly remember being captivated by the lush greenery enveloping the bustling cityscape, and awed by the sustainability of the densely-populated city lacking in natural resources. I’ve been in Singapore for almost a month now, retracing and rediscovering

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Angela in Singapore

Hey everyone! My name is Angela Li and I am a junior Biochemistry major from Shanghai, China. This spring semester, I’ll be studying abroad in Singapore through the Amherst-Yale-NUS exchange program.  As an Asian American, I’m particularly drawn to Singapore’s cultural diversity and its unique fusion of Eastern and Western traditions. I’m excited to document the process of finding a

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Anna in Chiang Mai

Hi! My name is Anna Hogarth and I am an Environmental Studies major from New Jersey. I will be studying abroad in Chiang Mai, Thailand with the International Sustainable Development Studies Institute (ISDSI). I will be learning about sustainable farming, the ethno-ecological relationship between humans and forests, and more. This program is especially unique because I will go on three

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Sustainability Fellow: Yuko in Paro, Bhutan

Yuko standing with mountains and blue sky in background

Hi, kuzuzangpo-la, and welcome to my Bio! My name is Yuko Nakano and I’m in Paro, Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon and a country where the spirit governs the land. More on that in future posts. I’m a junior at Amherst College, and I am pursuing an environmental studies major and an international relations certificate through the five-colleges.

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